Using 4Gb of ram with Erlang VM

Michael Fogeborg micke@REDACTED
Fri Nov 4 16:53:09 CET 2005

This is for M$ Windows versions that support the 1+3Gb memory model:

1 - enable use of the 1+3Gb model by adding the "/3Gb" switch in the file
     boot.ini file usually found on C:\  ( its has the hidden attribute set 
= invisible )

2 - patch the PE-header of the erl.exe file to enable use of the same model
      As far as I know the erl.exe file is not linked with these attributes 
      will only allow use of 2 GB.

I did this a while ago when trying to push the ring-benchmark.  I had a PC 
Win XP Pro and 4Gb of memory.  Got 1800000 processes running before
swapping (?) killed it.

At 10:18 2005-11-04, you wrote:
>As I do not have a machine with 4 Gb of Ram available right now I was
>wondering if there are specific steps to do to be able to reach this
>limit ?
>Is there compile-time option that limit Erlang VM to 1 Gb ?
>Is the 4Gb limit the same on all architecture ? Does Windows version of
>Erlang support the same limit ?
>Thank you in advance !
>Mickaël Rémond

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