Attention Debian Users - Erlang 10.b.8 tests

François-Denis Gonthier neumann@REDACTED
Thu Nov 3 00:18:32 CET 2005

On 2 November 2005 15:23, you wrote:

I need to add that those package where for Debian and should not be used on 
Ubuntu and other Debian derivatives.

I will setup a Ubuntu chroot jail for testing in the near future.

> Hello all,
> I've been working on the new upstream release of the Debian Erlang
> packages. As per requests of some users in the past, the package has been
> split in 3. GS based applications are now in their own package called
> erlang-x11 and application that don't need GS in erlang-nox.  Erlang-mode
> is now in it's own package too.
> Transition should be easy once the package are uploaded to the main Debian
> archive but I still need to check that with some experts.
> In the meantime, I need to check if it works for everybody.  Debian users
> interested in the new version can get the .debs at:
> or through apt by adding:
> deb unstable/
> deb-src unstable/
> to /etc/apt/sources.list
> and do:
> apt-get install erlang=1:10.b.8-1 erlang-base=1:10.b.8-1
> to upgrade their current packages.  I know this last command line is
> awkward but I needed to explicitely specify the version of each packages to
> upgrade on my system.  There may still be an error in the control files for
> the upgrade.  That is what I need to check with an expert.
> I would also be grateful if someone not using an i386 could try to compile
> the package.
> I will take bug report directly or on the mailing list.
> Thank you for your attention.
> François-Denis Gonthier
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