Erlang socket client

Tue May 31 21:56:49 CEST 2005


I have a remote server (not in Erlang) controlling a hardware device. This server takes plain text commands and echo the command and device responses back. I can connect to it using a simple telnet and interact with the hardware.

However when I tried writting an Erlang client all I receive is the echoed command. Even if my client is set to {active, false} and I do the gen_tcp:recv myself I do not obtain the device response. 

Does anyone have a sample Erlang telnet client or have ideas on how I can go about interacting with this server. 


Server is a Python 2.4 server on Windows interacting with a serial modem.

Erlang client on a Linux box. BEAM 5.4.4.

I'll even consider Erlang interacting with the device directly if need be.



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