Questions about records

Enri Enri enriirne@REDACTED
Tue May 31 10:23:41 CEST 2005


in the Erlang Documentation there is this sentence:
"Therefore, record expressions are not understood by
the shell unless special actions are taken. See
shell(3) for details"
Where is "shell(3)"? I presume there is explained how
to import record definition into the shell, right?

Also, is there an updated grammar? I'm using the bnf
grammar on Joe's book, but perhaps it's old. See this:

15 function_call := "atom" "(" parameter_list ")"

But this also works:
while this doesn't:
  -record(t, {x}).
  f1() -> 
    R = #t{x={erlang,round}},

with parens works:



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