Orber server and client test

Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Fri May 27 22:00:16 CEST 2005

Hello Heinrich!

To begin with, Orber support several ways of debugging user applications.
You can set the following configuration parameters:

 * orber_debug_level 10

 * interceptors {native, [orber_iiop_tracer_silent]}

You can read more about these parameters via:



The latter also include a FAQ section about common mistakes.

The way you described the problem, I guess that your currently using
Orber<->Orber communication with the same 'domain' variable set (default
is "ORBER")?! The easiest way to find out the current configuration is to
invoke orber:info().


PS This link will probably also come in handy:

You should also consider using Orber Light IFR (see Orber Environment
Flags) and the IC compile option {light_ifr, true} to reduce compile time
and memory usage.


> Hi
> I am busy writing an application that eventually will use CORBA to
> communicate with a server hosted by an external orginisation.  In order
> to test my application I am writing a simple server simulator.  I have
> run into the following oddity.
> I start the server and create an object.  I retreive the IOR of this
> object with corba:object_to_tring(Obj), since this is the way I will
> interface with the external server.
> I then use this IOR to create an object in my application.  When I use
> this object in my application, I get an exception:
> {'OBJECT_NOT_EXIST',[],1163001856,'COMPLETED_NO'}
> On my client side, the result of corba_object:is_remote(Obj) is false,
> which is not correct if I understand things correctly.
> To creat the object I simply to Obj = corba:string_to_object(IOR).
> When I do the corresponding 'RAB_Manger':executeTransaction(Obj,
> Request) I get the exception mentioned before.
> Am I doing something obvious wrong or missing a step?
> -]-[
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