performance issues

Gaspar Chilingarov nm@REDACTED
Sun May 22 23:20:57 CEST 2005

Hi all!

I've tried to rewrite my code using gen_server behaviour (the one module which
do the manager's job - keeping track of child processes, lookup by key,
sending broadcast to all children, and the one module with processes which do
real job --  collecting statistics and process it).

Imformation is coming to the system periodically (once a minute), some
dispatcher process parses string lines and passes tokens to corresponding

For the same set of input data i got 5-10 times slower performance, what can
be a problem and how should I profile this application ? profiler manual is a
little bit messy (for a newcomer :).

Thanks in advance :)

Gaspar Chilingarov
System Administrator

t +37491 419763

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