Newbee questions about using, compiling and running Erlang module

yerl yerl@REDACTED
Wed May 11 00:02:04 CEST 2005

Hi Jim!

There is a plenty of good tutorials on the web.

1) The best IDE is emacs in my opinion (there is an erlang mode for 
emacs). But any text editor is ok.
2) You can start with simple examples from here:
3) A lot of books and tutorial in english and a very good book in french:
4) After that, have a look to some cool advanced stuffs at:  (learn a lot by reading the code of others)

Of course, you need to compile your .erl before (erl -make). But escript 
module allows you to exec
your code like any  shell|perl|awk script.

good luck

jim min a écrit :

> Hello....
> Thanks for looking and hopefully helping me understand Erlang more.  
> I've looked thru the Threads, Tutorials and Docs and I am still a 
> little lost.
> I am running Windows 2003 and have installed Erlang on it. Have 
> Duplicated the Banking Server and Clients but do not understand how to 
> run them or test them on the system.
> I typed the Banking server and clients in thru notepad and saved them 
> as ..erl modules.
> Do  I need to compile them first? Is there an IDE to use to compile 
> and debug with?
> Is there a Document available that will help me to do a simple project 
> from start to finish and see it tests on it...debug it?
> I've looked at the 4 day course and the "Tutorial number 1
> Thank you

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