Port of VB Point of Sale to Distributed ErLang

jim min stock16@REDACTED
Sat May 7 05:39:18 CEST 2005

Hello ALL,

I appreciate your thoughts and directions for a new Erlang developer.
I've just recently come across erlang and have become really intrigued by it 
and its abilities.

I've read alot of Docs and some of the post on the mailinglist here.... 
there is alot to comprehend and take in. Coming from a C/C++ and VB 
background, it a little different to fully understand and comprehend and 
overview of erlang. I'm going straight away to Joe Armstrongs pdf to read 

While learning and building on my previous knowledge, I'd still like to make 
strides forward with my current programming efforts. Unfortunately, I'm not 
in a position to totally stop all forward progress on issues.

What I want to do is Port a server application to Erlang, while still 
keeping my Internet/Network Clients on their current VB Apps. I have a Point 
of sale that I would like to expand to take advantage of Erlangs distributed 
and fault tolerant features......I also have a game server that Erlang would 
work well with too.

Is it possible to keep some of the POS Server application in VB and enhance 
it with Erlang process to do some of the back end processes.
Any way for this to work to increase the thru put and increase max # of 
client connections?

Any pointers would be appreciated.
Thanks Jim

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