.config file bug on Windows

Kenneth kenneth.lundin@REDACTED
Tue May 3 17:50:20 CEST 2005


The problem you have encountered is not at all Windows specific,
the same error will happen on all platforms when there are no
characters after the ending dot.

For example  a config file containing the following string will give the effect described below:

"[{kernel,[{envvar,1}]}]."    % this causes problems
"[{kernel,[{envvar,1}]}]. "   % this is no problem (extra space after dot)

I have a vague memory that this is a known problem in erl_scan:tokens/3
but I have to check.
Anyway there is an easy workaround until this gets corrected.


anders_n wrote:
On Windows it is necessary for a .config file to end with an empty line.
If not the emulator will crash with 
{error_logger,{{2005,4,29},{18,17,8}},'"./sys.config": none:
<dot><whitespace> not foundn',[]}


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