Problem in erlang interface

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Mon Mar 14 00:42:40 CET 2005

"maruthavanan s" <maruthavanan_s@REDACTED> writes:
> I want to establish communication between C node and Erlang node, for that 
> Im using ei_connect_init() function and ei_connect. There is no [problem in 
> establishing connection between two processes but when I tried to receive 
> message from C node using the library function ei_receive_msg(), the 
> function fails with value ERL_EXIT. In ei_receive_msg() I have used the 
> following parameters
>            ei_xreceive_msg(sockfd,&msg,&buff)
>            sockfd=obtained on establishing connection with C node
>            msg is  declared as erlang_msg msg;
> and buff is obtained by
> ei_x_buff buff;
> ei_x_new(&buff);

Might not give more info as it mostly trace the connect and disconnect
phase, but you can set EI_TRACELEVEL in your environment to a numeric
value, to get verbose information from the ei library about what is
being sent and received,


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