Problem in erlang interface

maruthavanan s maruthavanan_s@REDACTED
Thu Mar 10 07:13:29 CET 2005


One small doubt i am trying to connect erlang node as server and C node as 
client. Is this possible in erlang using the following code.

>From: "maruthavanan s" <maruthavanan_s@REDACTED>
>To: erlang-questions@REDACTED
>Subject: Re: Problem in erlang interface
>Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 05:30:52 +0000
>i am trying to use ei as you said. but i still have some problems...i am 
>using windows XP with SP2 we have a large number of message to be passed to 
>erlang and receive from erlang.
>char *cookie="secretcookie";
>char *nodename="enode";
>char *Node;int loop=1;
>if (ei_connect_init(&ec, nodename, cookie, id_number) < 0)
>if ((sockfd = ei_connect(&ec,Node)) < 0)
>      printf("ERROR: erl_connect failed");
>      exit(0);
>printf("Connection established...\n");
>while (loop)
>    ei_x_buff x;
>    ei_x_new_with_version(&x);
>    got=ei_xreceive_msg(sockfd,&msg,&x);
>Executing the above code we are able to get success in ei_connect and we 
>are able to get a non-zero 'sockfd' value
>but immediately after connection in while loop ei_xreceive_msg() returns an 
>ERL_ERROR value
>what could be the reason for this.
>Is any thing missing on the above code
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