Compiling NBAP ASN.1 signalling

Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Fri Mar 11 14:01:51 CET 2005

torsdag 10 mars 2005 09:17 skrev Bertil Karlsson:
> Hi,
> We (Kenneth and I) have been trying those specs and discovered a couple
> of bugs in the asn1 compiler that I'm now going to fix. It should be
> interesting to know if we run into the same errors as you did.
> The compiler reported errors on constants in the NBAP-Constants.asn
> module but somehow it passed the compiler. 


> Then it failed on the
> NBAP-IEs.asn module on some INTEGER constraints and the NBAP-IEs.asn,
> NBAP-PDU-Contents.asn and NBUP-PDU-Descriptions.asn modules on some
> information object handling.

I noticed that NBAP-PDU-xxx.asn failed too. As well as NBAP-IEs.asn

> Though, we have not seen any syntax errors in the ASN1 specs.

No, they compile with other tools.

I sent you Seans polished .asn files, as they did not seem to make
it into the mailinglist (maybe because of the 600k attachements :-).
I hope you can find out something from that as well. It would be 
really good to know if you can fix this.


> /Bertil
> Mikael Karlsson wrote:
> > Great!
> >
> > thanks Sean. I get the problem in exactly
> > the same place. Good to know you are not
> > alone :-)
> >
> > Cheers
> > Mikael
> >
> > onsdag 09 mars 2005 00:56 skrev Sean Hinde:
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>On 8 Mar 2005, at 15:26, Mikael Karlsson wrote:
> >>>Hi,
> >>>
> >>>Has anybody had any success in compiling the ASN.1
> >>>signal specification part of
> >>>Technical Spec 25.433 (V5.9.0) NBAP signalling?
> >>>I am having problems (with the NBAP-IEs part.)
> >>
> >>I thought it would be fun to try (it beats watching the DVD of daughter
> >>for the 50th time anyway :-) )
> >>
> >>I got problems in the same file.
> >>
> >>I attach the files having removed the syntax errors introduced by the
> >>copy/paste from MS Word to save anyone else working on this problem
> >>having to do it. Beware, I have tweaked a couple of places in trying to
> >>get it to work. "TODO" appears on every line I have changed, with the
> >>original part in a comment

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