Compiling NBAP ASN.1 signalling

Bertil Karlsson bertil@REDACTED
Thu Mar 10 09:17:11 CET 2005


We (Kenneth and I) have been trying those specs and discovered a couple 
of bugs in the asn1 compiler that I'm now going to fix. It should be 
interesting to know if we run into the same errors as you did.
The compiler reported errors on constants in the NBAP-Constants.asn 
module but somehow it passed the compiler. Then it failed on the 
NBAP-IEs.asn module on some INTEGER constraints and the NBAP-IEs.asn, 
NBAP-PDU-Contents.asn and NBUP-PDU-Descriptions.asn modules on some 
information object handling.

Though, we have not seen any syntax errors in the ASN1 specs.


Mikael Karlsson wrote:
> Great!
> thanks Sean. I get the problem in exactly 
> the same place. Good to know you are not
> alone :-)
> Cheers
> Mikael
> onsdag 09 mars 2005 00:56 skrev Sean Hinde:
>>On 8 Mar 2005, at 15:26, Mikael Karlsson wrote:
>>>Has anybody had any success in compiling the ASN.1
>>>signal specification part of
>>>Technical Spec 25.433 (V5.9.0) NBAP signalling?
>>>I am having problems (with the NBAP-IEs part.)
>>I thought it would be fun to try (it beats watching the DVD of daughter
>>for the 50th time anyway :-) )
>>I got problems in the same file.
>>I attach the files having removed the syntax errors introduced by the
>>copy/paste from MS Word to save anyone else working on this problem
>>having to do it. Beware, I have tweaked a couple of places in trying to
>>get it to work. "TODO" appears on every line I have changed, with the
>>original part in a comment

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