Michael McDaniel erlang@REDACTED
Thu Mar 10 16:24:39 CET 2005

On Thu, Mar 10, 2005 at 07:06:19AM -0800, Michael McDaniel wrote:
> I would like to use MySQL as the database backend to my Erlang program.  I am using
> Erlang R10B-3 on x86 Linux.  I would like to use MySQL v5.x (because a PHP program
> needs access to same data populated by Erlang program).
> I found a MySQL module written by Magnus Alhtorp at
> It appears that the password routines are failing with MySQL v5.x and I do not
> understand enough about Erlang or encryption routines to modify it.
> 1) Has anyone been successful in compiling the Erlang odbc module to work with MySQL?
>    How did you do it? (I haven't been able to get it to compile).
> 2) Does anyone have an alternative method of using MySQL with Erlang? 
> thank you for any assistance,
> ~Michael
P.S. I did find some archived messages regarding this subject, but as yet have not
got Erlang <-> MySQL working.


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