Michael McDaniel erlang@REDACTED
Thu Mar 10 16:06:19 CET 2005

I would like to use MySQL as the database backend to my Erlang program.  I am using
Erlang R10B-3 on x86 Linux.  I would like to use MySQL v5.x (because a PHP program
needs access to same data populated by Erlang program).

I found a MySQL module written by Magnus Alhtorp at
It appears that the password routines are failing with MySQL v5.x and I do not
understand enough about Erlang or encryption routines to modify it.

1) Has anyone been successful in compiling the Erlang odbc module to work with MySQL?
   How did you do it? (I haven't been able to get it to compile).

2) Does anyone have an alternative method of using MySQL with Erlang? 

thank you for any assistance,


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