Problem in erlang interface

Robert Raschke rrerlang@REDACTED
Tue Mar 8 14:59:43 CET 2005


maruthavanan_s@REDACTED writes:
> I want to establish communication between C node and Erlang node, for that 
> I'm using ei_connect_init() function and ei_connect. There is no [problem in 
> establishing connection between two processes but when I tried to receive 
> message from C node using the library function ei_receive_msg(), the 
> function fails with value ERL_EXIT.

One of the problems I came across trying to run a C node (I now use
the port mechanism and a C program that communicates via stdin/out) is
nicely captured in a comment in some old code of mine:

main_message_loop(int fd, char *mynodeid)

	/* This loop can be very problematic if the handle_message()
	function takes a long time. Erlang expects to get answers to
	ERL_TICK messages in order to keep the connection alive. If an
	operation dealt with by handle_regular_message() takes a long time,
	then these tick will not get answered, leading Erlang to think this
	C node has died. */

	while (ok) {
		result = ei_xreceive_msg(fd, &msg, &x_in);
		switch (result) {
		case ERL_TICK:
		case ERL_MSG:
			switch (msg.msgtype) {
			case ERL_EXIT:
				ok = 0;
			case ERL_SEND:
			case ERL_REG_SEND:
				ei_send(.....); /* return results */

Could it be that the Erlang side thinks your node has died?  In that
case you may have to look into threading to help you deal with long
running commands.


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