wrapping pico in otp

Garry Hodgson garry@REDACTED
Fri Jan 14 21:53:43 CET 2005

i've been trying to otp-ify an application, and have hit
a snag.  most of my servers i rewrote as gen_servers.
i have an xmlrpc server (which predates the contrib 
package) base on pico as part of the app.  so i used
supervisor_bridge to wrap that and merge it into the
overall supervision tree.

the problem is that when i run the thing from a boot file,
it fires everything up, then quits, as the xml_sup which
wraps the xmlserver gets an exit from its child, and it
bubbles up the tree.  if i run interactive erlang, and do
a master_sup:start_link(), i get an "** exited: shutdown **"
message, but the pico piece is still up, and i can connect
to it from an external xmlrpc client.

this leads me to suspect that the pid that i'm telling supervisor_bridge
to monitor is not the correct one, but some temporary process that
goes away after spawning the one i *should* be monitoring.  i'm a little
too fuzzy on the internals of all this to know whether that's a reasonable
hypothesis, or how to investigate or correct if it is.

does anyone have any experience with this that could give
me some clue?  i can send details as needed, but didn't want
to encumber this message with them.


Garry Hodgson, Technical Consultant, AT&T Labs

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