A Pythonista's Impressions of Erlang

Jani Hakala jahakala@REDACTED
Thu Jan 13 10:56:49 CET 2005

bry@REDACTED writes:

> I went through the thread and was pleasently surprised as i think it
> turned out pretty nice, but I noted that while people ragged on the
> guys understanding of erlang (at least from my viewpoint it seemed
> like ragging) there was a general quiet were the difficulties of
> finding resources, documentation etc. were discussed. Any takes on
> that subject?
There are missing links in www.erlang.org

Getting started page: 
 Getting started slowly	
 Getting started very very very slowly
 Documentation in PDF

These refer to missing files in

Also in the about page there is bad link to

Jani Hakala

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