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Jeff Einhorn jeinhorn@REDACTED
Mon Jan 10 17:55:59 CET 2005

As a novice Erlang user I found Erlang to be much more CPU intensive
when compared to Java in situations when I was developing applications
that needed to constantly change\manipulate data structures.  My
observation was that this was a result of the constant
destroying\recreating of the data structures as result of their
manipulation.  Are there any plans to add a C type data structure where
items could be changed in place, without having to recreate the entire
data structure?

In defense of Erlang I never had any memory problems in my Erlang
applications.  However, I found it common in Java Server applications
that their memory would continually grow and eventually the application
would need to be restarted.

Thanks for the great tool, 

Jeff Einhorn

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