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Thomas Lindgren thomasl_erlang@REDACTED
Mon Jan 10 14:38:01 CET 2005

--- Dominic Williams <erlang-list@REDACTED>
> Apart from the very 
> specialised massively parallel systems, ordinary 
> hardware is currently in the 2-8 CPU range. This
> maps 
> nicely to the order of magnitude of multi-node
> Erlang 
> architectures (2-20).
> What more do we really want?

Good point -- but I'd say we need to look ahead for
the time when we have systems of 2-10 multicore CPUs
and, say, 2-8 cores per chip. (In a few years, you
won't be able to buy a single core desktop CPU, more
or less.) So, we will then need to handle on the order
of 50-100 nodes as a normal case. In the longer term,
this will be on the order of 1000 nodes.

Most of these might be hidden nodes, possibly. That,
or some other sort of hierarchy, might take care of
scaling distributed Erlang as such. Or we will have to
redo that design.

Maybe, to argue against my previous position, this is
really an argument for multithreading the VM?


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