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Dominic Williams erlang-list@REDACTED
Mon Jan 10 14:05:30 CET 2005

Carsten Schultz wrote:

> Ok, but the question still remains what an Erlang machine should look
> like that takes advantage of several processors.  Map the many Erlang
> processes to a small number of OS threads?  How to do the balancing?

It seems to me that any sizeable Erlang system is 
likely to use several nodes. As these already map to OS 
processes, they will be properly handled by symmetric 
multi-processing machines. Apart from the very 
specialised massively parallel systems, ordinary 
hardware is currently in the 2-8 CPU range. This maps 
nicely to the order of magnitude of multi-node Erlang 
architectures (2-20).

What more do we really want?


Dominic Williams


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