Mnesia transform_table with multiple disc_copies nodes

Fredrik Thulin ft@REDACTED
Wed Dec 21 16:10:50 CET 2005


How do I make use of mnesia:transform_table/3 when I have more than one 
node with disc_copies of a table?



do(Table) ->
    Attrs = mnesia:table_info(Table, attributes),
    io:format("Attributes of table ~p : ~p~n", [Table, Attrs]),
    F = fun(X) ->
    mnesia:transform_table(Table, F, Attrs).

(incomingproxy@REDACTED)6> t:do(regexproute).
Attributes of table regexproute : [regexp,flags,class,expire,address]
{aborted,{"Bad transform function",

My fun F is (of course) unknown on the other node  

Thanks in advance and a merry christmas to you all


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