How to do MD5

Jing Ding jingdingca@REDACTED
Tue Dec 20 02:54:27 CET 2005

    I am a beginner in Erlang. So please bear with me.
  I think there is BIF md5("hi"). But do I need to include any header  file, or install any patches? Also what is the equivalent of "print"  statement in Erlang? I need it for debugging.
  The Scenario:
  I have JWchat with Ejabberd on IIS. I got it  working with MSSQL. Since our present database users table stores  password hash, but Ejabberd only stores plain text password. I am  looking into Erlang to see if it has some encryption mechnism. 
    How to call md5() in the .erl file? Need any include file? What syntax? 

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