Computer Language Shootout - concurrency

Nic Linker xlcr@REDACTED
Wed Dec 7 08:22:48 CET 2005

Mikael Pettersson wrote:

>The HiPE code is burdened by (a) a reduction counter test
>on each entry to Ack, (b) a stack overflow test on each
>entry to Ack, (c) having to verify that operands are fixnums
>before executing the inline code for arithmetic, (d) having
>to check that the arithmetic didn't overflow, and (e) a few
>suboptimal pieces of generated code (yes I looked at it).
>Items (a) to (d) all disappear for C.
Yes, I suspected that the reason of the (relative) slowdown is a set of 
additional checks.

Best regards,
Nic Linker

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