Obfuscated Erlang Results

Marc van Woerkom Marc.Vanwoerkom@REDACTED
Mon Dec 5 17:11:19 CET 2005

>The first prize is a splendid contribution by Martin. The 
>program demonstrates that Erlang has indeed an error in 
>its design.

Is it just a wrong precedence assignment to the operators, 
or something harder to fix?

>The second prize was for an artistic Sudoku 
>solver by Urban.

How am I supposed to call it?
I need a usage text for mere mortals.

>And finally, the judges were forced to 
>add a third prize, the Judge’s prize, as they were 
>unexpectedly confronted with a breathtaking submission 
>that had been used in a live system. Mats, don't show 
>this to your QA people ;-)

Really mind gobbling. It was really generated manually? :)


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