Obfuscated Erlang Results

Francesco Cesarini (Erlang Training & Consulting) francesco@REDACTED
Mon Dec 5 15:22:21 CET 2005

Hi All,

sorry for the delay. We finally managed to get the Obfuscated Erlang 
Competition results from the User Conference on line. For those of you 
who were not there, they are visible at


The first prize is a splendid contribution by Martin. The program 
demonstrates that Erlang has indeed an error in its design. The second 
prize was for an artistic Sudoku solver by Urban. And finally, the 
judges were forced to add a third prize, the Judge’s prize, as they were 
unexpectedly confronted with a breathtaking submission that had been 
used in a live system. Mats, don't show this to your QA people ;-)



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