Possible bug & improvement suggestion concerning Erlang shell

Jani Launonen jabba@REDACTED
Thu Apr 21 10:51:52 CEST 2005


when compiling module dummy from Erlang shell that exports functions 
init/1 and do_something/0 (for example) and asking m(dummy) one gets the 
following print out:

248> m(dummy).
Module dummy compiled: Date: April 21 2005, Time: 08.28
Compiler options:  []
Object file: k:/programming/erlang/dummy.beam

Everything as expected. But remove the do_something/0 from exports, compile 
from the shell and it is still seen in the print out generated by m(dummy). 
Is this a feature or is this a bug? (One cannot call the do_something/0 
outside the module any more, so everythings fine with that respect. It's 
just puzzling to show students the code-compile-test-change-compile as the 
old function just shows there in exports with no reason.)

Improvement suggestion:
Would it be worth adding a menu for graphical directory choosing -component 
in werl.exe? I noted that asking students to change the current working 
directory to some other drive and path was little bit puzzling because of 
the unix-style / -path separator, ls() and pwd() -commands. I wasn't able 
to make command line scripts for them as I've been in unix enviroment for 
years and couldn't remember how things were done in windows command line. 
Also the directory structure was different for the students so I didn't 
know before hand where their network directories were. So it would have 
been easier to ask they to click themselves to their own directories than 
remind them to use "/"-path separator and try to find their way to the 
right directory forgotting the use of "" around the path...


Jani Launonen

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