MySQL Interface

Alexander Williams thantos@REDACTED
Wed Apr 20 10:35:57 CEST 2005

Evening, folk:

  I'm  trying to put a Yaws front-end on a number of interfaces to the
  underlying MySQL database within my SAM3 music broadcast system. The
  Yaws  part of the beast is actually no problem at all, truth be told
  ...  its  tying to that pesky MySQL back-end that's the bugger right

  I've  been  using  the MySQL interface listed on the Erlang projects
  page  (by  Magnus  Ahltorp), but it seems to get a bit confused when
  multiple  requests  get  issued to the database in a short time, and
  the  initialization  of  the  database channel itself is kind of ...

  Undoubtedly, folks are doing more MySQL than I've been, so I thought
  I'd ask here. Sensible, really.

  Many thanks in advance.

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