H/W requirements for OTP RB-2

Raimo Niskanen raimo@REDACTED
Wed Apr 20 09:12:13 CEST 2005

I think that was really small; I will not top (bottom) that bid, but:

we have a PPC750 board with 128 MByte RAM and no swap. It runs out of memory
during some of our heavier regression tests of e.g orber. Otherwise
it works like a charm.

matthias@REDACTED (Matthias Lang) writes:

> Michael Fogeborg writes:
>  > What is the smallest machine anyone here has run erlang on - and still
>  > being useful ?
> The smallest machine I've actually seen running R10 and doing
> something non-trivial is a 50MHz MPC860-based embedded system with
> 32MB of DRAM. Many of those systems are [still] in live operation
> today. That's not particularly small, but I thought I'd start the
> bidding.
> I know it's possible to go smaller than that, especially if you use a
> smaller OS (e.g. VxWorks instead of linux), but it's not particularly
> pleasant.
> Matt


/ Raimo Niskanen, Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB

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