Need to know more info about gen_tcp

suresh saragadam sureshsaragadam@REDACTED
Fri Oct 29 16:37:51 CEST 2004

> A quick reply - I havn't time for a longer reply

Thank you joe 
Great stuff, this will sure help me 
thaning you
suresh saragadam
Joe Armstrong <joe@REDACTED> wrote:

A quick reply - I havn't time for a longer reply

Take a look in

This is a complete web server in Erlang.
It's very small.

Nicely hidden in the middle of this is

which partially answers some of your questions


On Fri, 29 Oct 2004, suresh saragadam wrote:

> Hi,
> I need to know more about gen_tcp, like
> 1. how packaging is done, using setoptions {packet, Packettype}
> what packaging is
> 2. How to retrive the data bytes over tcp
> 3. Any practical info about this option {active, Boolean}
> 4. accessing gen_tcp interface using other interfaces provided like winsock or .net
> 5. how to eliminate gen_recv
> More over i need to know how bytes are transmitted over tcp using gen_tcp interface
> because i have to retrive the bytes pracessed accordingly,
> Now i established gen_tcp interface with winsock, one side it is working fine,
> but i dont know what is going on exactly, or atleast how to retrive data bytes exactly
> Just i could connect that's it
> So can i get any complete practcal kind of info about gen_tcp other than OTP doc
> It will be helpful if i get this info
> regards
> suresh saragadam
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