Need to know more info about gen_tcp

suresh saragadam sureshsaragadam@REDACTED
Fri Oct 29 14:34:47 CEST 2004

I need to know more about gen_tcp, like

1. how packaging is done, using setoptions {packet, Packettype}
    what packaging is 
2. How to retrive the data bytes over tcp
3. Any practical info about this option {active, Boolean} 
4. accessing gen_tcp interface using other interfaces provided like winsock or .net
5. how to eliminate gen_recv  
More over i need to know how bytes are transmitted over tcp using gen_tcp interface
because i have to retrive the bytes pracessed accordingly,
Now i established gen_tcp interface with winsock, one side it is working fine,
but i dont know what is going on exactly, or atleast how to retrive data bytes exactly
Just i could connect that's it 
So can i get any complete practcal kind of info about gen_tcp other than OTP doc
It will be helpful if i get this info
suresh saragadam

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