Deployment tools?

Dustin Sallings dustin@REDACTED
Sun Oct 24 23:26:16 CEST 2004

	I've got an application deployed in a two-node cluster that does 
environmental monitoring in my house.  I currently have two problems 
that I believe have simple solutions, but I'm not quite getting what 
needs to happen for this:

	1) Dynamic code redeployment.

		I'd like to be able to make a change and get it applied on my nodes.  
I've played with spawn + the code module, but I'd like to actually get 
some confirmation somewhere (log, or better, the console from which I 
issue deployment).  I also don't quite understand purging.  Most 
ideally, this would be something I could use in my build environment to 
update the code across the network, but I'd like to make sure that if 
the application gets completely restarted on a given node, it's running 
the latest code.

	2) Dynamic reconfiguration.

		This is similar to the above, and I've actually done it, but it was 
more work than I'd think I'd need to make.  A lot of my monitoring 
parameters are in my .app config (device aliases, operating range, 
maximum amount of time I can go without hearing from a device, 
notification lists, etc...).

	Currently, I go to the nodes and just restart the apps.  Doing so is 
just a little inconvenient, but also causes me to lose a little state.  
If a sensor is in an alarming state, I want to avoid sending an alarm 
for a certain period of time, which is state that's kept on the stack.

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