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Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Mon May 17 12:26:56 CEST 2004

The "erl" program is on Unix/Linux a script that start the real
executable program so you need to find out how the emulator is started
from that script and use GDB to start it the same way, i.e. with the
environment variables set the same way and the "beam" program with
the same arguments.

You can also use the "cerl" program that is part of the R9C source
distribution to start the emulator using gdb

  # This is a script to start Erlang/OTP for debugging. PATH is set to
  # include this script so if slave nodes are started they will use this
  # script as well.
  #  usage:  cerl [ OPTIONS ] [ ARGS ]
  #  The OPTIONS are
  #   -rootdir $MYROOTDIR
  #               Run an installed emulator built from this source
  #   -debug      Run debug compiled emulator
  #   -gdb        Run the debug compiled emulator in emacs and gdb.
  #               You have to start beam in gdb using "run".
  #   -break F    Run the debug compiled emulator in emacs and gdb and set break.
  #               The session is started, i.e. "run" is already don for you.
  #   -xxgdb      FIXME currently disabled
  #   -purify     Run emulator compiled for purify
  #   -quantify   Run emulator compiled for quantify
  #   -purecov    Run emulator compiled for purecov
  #   -nox        Unset the DISPLAY variable to disable us of X Windows


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