How many Error-Descriptors in TerminationAudit?

Stefan Fritzsche Stefan.Fritzsche@REDACTED
Wed Jul 21 11:02:46 CEST 2004

Hello Mailing-List,

In the YECC-Definition of the Megaco-Parser is a comment stating that
a TerminationAudit might contain more than one Error-Descriptors.

> terminationAudit     -> auditReturnParameter auditReturnParameterList
> ...                        
> %% at-most-once except errorDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> mediaDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> modemDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> muxDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> eventsDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> signalsDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> digitMapDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> observedEventsDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> eventBufferDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> statisticsDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> packagesDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> errorDescriptor
> auditReturnParameter -> auditReturnItem

I did not find this "at-most ..."-comment in the RFC nor in 
the H.248-v2-Draft. I didn't even find an explanation why a
TerminationAudit might contain more than one Error-Descriptor. 

Does this really make a difference in processing a Command-Reply?

If there can be more than one, am I right that the order of 
Error-Descriptors is important to associate each Error to 
the Command-Parameter that generated the Error?

Can anybody give an example (-call-flow), where this can 

Thanks in advance,
Stefan Fritzsche

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