SMPP v5.0 erlang implementation

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Tue Jan 27 04:11:50 CET 2004

Enrique Marcote Peña wrote:

>Last summer I got to finish an erlang implementation of the SMPP (Short 
>Message Peer to Peer) protocol, version 5.0.  Unfortunately, since then, 
>still didn't have the chance to discuss this project with anybody, neither 
>SMPP aspects, nor erlang related issues (and if I don't send this message, I 
>feel I'll never do).
Well done. Its a reasonably extensive protocol.

I'll test it against my companys' SMPP implementation (in an SMSC 
bypass/billing/routing solution, so it behaves both like an ASP and an 
SMSC). It'll be good for both of us :-)

Are you using it anywhere?


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