SMPP v5.0 erlang implementation

Enrique Marcote Peña mpquique@REDACTED
Tue Jan 27 00:37:06 CET 2004


Last summer I got to finish an erlang implementation of the SMPP (Short 
Message Peer to Peer) protocol, version 5.0.  Unfortunately, since then, 
still didn't have the chance to discuss this project with anybody, neither 
SMPP aspects, nor erlang related issues (and if I don't send this message, I 
feel I'll never do).

The implementation seems to work fine, I've successfully test it against a 
SMPP open source simulator provided by Logica.

This was my very first project in erlang (besides some exercises on an erlang 
course).  I didn't have any prior experience on the SMS-telecoms world 

Pretty fun so far,  I'm really happy having chosen OTP as the development 
platform.  I've really enjoy it, but I'm also eager to learn a bit more from 
this experience, and at this point I feel I can't get any further on my own.

Maybe someone on the list wants to take a look.  Even those not interested on 
SMPP at all, may want to review some design or coding aspects, and show up 
common newbie mistakes.

So here it is, for your consideration:            (edoc)        (sources)   (sources)

Any comments, suggestions or corrections will be greatly appreciated.  Even if
you don't like it at all, I want to know.  Thank you very much.

Best regards,


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