ANNOUNCE ex11 release two

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Thu Jan 22 16:47:26 CET 2004

"Vlad Dumitrescu" <vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED> writes:

> From: "Luke Gorrie" <luke@REDACTED>
>> As far as I can see all "bullet proof" xlibs use unix-domain
>> sockets. TCP-based ones never work on my computers.
> Are there any of those sockets on my Windows machine, you think? :-)

I would guess that cygwin would. Is your X server cygwin-based?

> Since other apps work, and also the previous ex11 release worked, something has
> to be wrong with the initialization in release 2, I think. I'll check at home
> too.

I just poked around to see why TCP-based clients don't work for me
(not even xterm). It turns out my X server isn't listening on a TCP
socket at all - the clients just get "connection refused".

Maybe a Debian default configuration thing?

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