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Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Tue Jan 20 13:24:55 CET 2004

erlang@REDACTED writes:

> There is also a clone for Unix called wily
> (, but its programmatic model is
> completely different and uses sockets.

Here are some tips for Wily+Erlang that Bengt Kleberg (real live Wily
user) told me about off-list:

the standard table of cool things would be:

it is really easy to select things (directories, files, text, output,
etc) and then run any program with the selection as input or
arguments.this is so easy to use that it is really hard to motivate
the effort needed to use the real wily interface
( look for ''Programmers Manuals
(writing programs which use Wily's message interface)'').

i have written some clear case scripts
(checkout/checkin/make/ln/extract label/warn if somebody else has this
file checkedout/etc) that makes it possible to not use x-clear-case.

i have a few erlang programs that pretty-prints, refactor (that is
your find-unbound-variables program) and checks for missing functions
in a beam directory (xref).

there are a some shell scripts i have written to find where functions
are defined or used. others locate hrl files based on name or contents
(useful when i have a record but can not remember the fields).

the down side to wily:
look for ''Drawbacks and problems''

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