OT other possible GUI route ... ideas for ex11?

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Mon Jan 19 12:03:30 CET 2004

From: <Nigel.Head@REDACTED>
> After deciding that gs/TCL/TK wasn't the best tool in the shed for GUI
> I launched into a lengthy search for other alternatives and ended up with ...
> PicoGUI (www.picogui.org), driven by Erlang.

I've been looking at it too, for some time ago (but not related to Erlang) and
it just seemed too "alpha" just then. I suppose a lot happened since then
(notably for me, it's working on "the other OS"), so it may be worth checking.
On the other side, one becomes bound to the speen of its development.


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