Bug in Erlang SMTP client?

Franck Arnaud franck@REDACTED
Wed Jan 7 18:20:40 CET 2004

This is a long shot, sorry if I'm not in the right place.

I'm running an SMTP email server and I've got sessions with 
franklin.telenor.se, which fail because this server is not 
standards-compliant and tries this:


which is illegal, see RFC 2821 or 821, compared to the correct:


All other senders I've seen implement this are spammers (who 
don't read RFCs), so not being tolerant helps a lot in 
reducing spam.

I suspect the offending software is written in erlang (so maybe 
the author reading this list or known by someone from this list) 
because while franklin.telenor.se does not accept incoming SMTP, 
the MXs for the addresses (@beta.telenordia.se) reply with:

220 mailgw.tninet.se ESMTP BMR ErlangTM/OTP (3.1/3.3) [0s24906861zack];
220 planb.telenor.se ESMTP BMR ErlangTM/OTP (3.1/3.3) [0s3542782lennier];

I've downloaded OTP from erlang.org and cannot find an SMTP
implementation in there, although
seems to have the issue if I believe this:

smtp_fsm.erl>    Msg = ["mail from: ", Address, "\r\n"],

but franklin.telenor.se uses uppercase (lowercase is standards 
compliant) so it may not be using this.

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