Beginner: Unexplained network behavior

Mikael Karlsson mikael.karlsson@REDACTED
Tue Apr 27 18:38:28 CEST 2004

Tue 27 April 2004 12:59, bry@REDACTED wrote:
> > A long time Java developer I recently
> > discovered Erlang and am very
> > impressed. With a few improvements
> > Erlang could very well be a J2EE
> > killer.
> just a side question, as someone unfamiliar
> with J2EE other than cursorily inspecting
> monstrous books on the subject and
> thinking "these folks are crazeeeee!" what
> things in erlang could be improved to make
> it a J2EE killer? Not a language war
> question, just wondering if my original
> estimation was off.

Since J2EE compared to Erlang has a very large user/developer
community and lots of libraries etc. maybe "killer" is a strong
word, but who knows...

Concerning performance I would say that Erlang together with Yaws
webserver already is a killer.

Some functions/applications that could improve things:
- Erlang servlets; a framework application that integrates 
OTP application deployment together with an embeddedYaws 
web server to make it possible to deploy/start/stop/upgrade web 

- Web Services (SOAP/WSDL) libraries.

- Direct connectors to database backends like MySQL/Postgres ? 
   I don't know about transactional support, Data Access Objects etc.

- Security? (you are not allowed to do many things in a J2EE/EJB container).

- parallel multi_calls, (already implemented by Sean Hinde )
- A distributed registry


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