basic questions regarding message sequence guarantees...

Kris Prieb kris_prieb@REDACTED
Sat Apr 24 04:09:58 CEST 2004

Hi, I am an Erlang beginner trying to understand Erlang's message order
guarantees.   I would greatly appreciate any help in clarifying the
following points:  


1.) Suppose I have a process 'A' and process 'B'.  'A' sends a sequence of
messages to 'B'.

My understanding is that Erlang guarantees that B will receive the messages
from A in the order in which they were sent.  Is this correct?


2.) Now suppose 'B' is monitoring 'A'.  Suppose also that another process
'C' is monitoring 'A' and that a 'Down' message from 'A' to 'C' will trigger
'C' to send a message to 'B.'  

My understanding is that Erlang does _not_ guarantee that A's 'Down' message
to B will arrive before C's message to B.  Is this correct?


3.) Same as 2, except that B and C are on one node, and A is on another.
Does this change anything?


Thanks ahead of time!


Kris Prieb


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