SV: xmerl usage question

Fredrik Linder fredrik.linder@REDACTED
Wed Apr 14 13:33:21 CEST 2004

Hi Chandrashekhar
First: It is an error in an external dtd spec to twice specify an element or its attrlst. I think it is allowed to re-define elements in the <!DOCTYPE tag however (not sure about this though).
So back to xmerl:
When xmerl parses the given string it will insert all <!ELEMENT and <!ATTRLST information it finds into the rules (except the #FIXED information), and if there already is such information there it will generate the error you've seen. Perfectly as it should be.
Normally xmerl creates a *new* table for each call to xmerl_scan:string/X, and hence will not generate that error.
I'm I correct if I guess that you like to read the dtd files only ones? If so, what you probably need to do is to at the second++ run *not* read into the rules table and later swap to the one you earlier read. You would proabably also need to play with the fetch options when playing with the rules options in this way.
And now a little about how we utilize this to only read the dtd files ones:
The way we do is to first parse a fake xml with all dtd information in it using the {prolog, stop} and rules options, to initialize the rules. 
Later we set the fetch options to choose the correct rules table (instead of reading the dtd files) that matched the incoming dtd spec, and switch to that rule set when the <!DOCTYPE element is ending.
Good luck


Från: owner-erlang-questions@REDACTED genom Chandrashekhar Mullaparthi
Skickat: on 2004-04-14 11:16
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Ämne: xmerl usage question

Hi all, 

I'm trying to specify my own ETS table when using xmerl for parsing as 
follows. But the request fails the second time as below. 

7> FetchFun = fun(_, State) -> {ok, {string, Dtd}, State} end. 

19> xmerl_scan:string(Xml, [{fetch_fun, FetchFun}, {rules, myrules}]). 
20> xmerl_scan:string(Xml, [{fetch_fun, FetchFun}, {rules, myrules}]). 
871- fatal: {already_defined,'MyRequest'} 
** exited: {fatal,{{already_defined,'MyRequest'},2,20}} ** 

Is there any way around this?? I see where this is happening, but I 
don't understand why xmerl flags this as an error. any help much 


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