Delphi on the client and Erlang on the server

Anders Ramsell anders@REDACTED
Sat Apr 10 15:16:35 CEST 2004

JK wrote:
> Hi All,
> did somebody write something to use a Delphi application on the client 
> connected to an application server written in Erlang. Just not to begin 
> from zero.

Yes, we are doing that at work. However we do not use any direct 
interfaces like the ones Vlad are working with. Our Delphi-clients 
connect to the Erlang-server using ordinary TCP/IP-sockets. On these 
sockets we communicate using plain text messages. For each connected 
client we have one Erlang-process responsible for interpreting messages 
from that client and sending back responses. This simple configuration 
works very well for us.


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