essential Erlang

Peter-Henry Mander erlang@REDACTED
Wed Sep 24 13:35:24 CEST 2003

Hi Miguel,

Miguel Barreiro Paz wrote:

> Because development would be abysmally slow, as it is in GNU Hurd (yes,
> I'm wearing asbestos underwear today) and a couple of developers at most
> would understand the subtleties of the microkernel internals.

Well, I did say they _still_ haven't any product yet. So yes, maybe not 
the best foundation, but as Vlad suggested there is more than enough to 
choose from.

> In my humble opinion Erlans (well, the ERTS) is already a virtual OS.

Yes, but "virtual" is the key word. Why not dispense with unnecessary 
baggage and make it "physical"? Hopefully giving Erlang a replacement 
for VxWorks... and I think a few people would *really* like that!

> Wouldn't running erlang inside erlang be beautiful?

Hehe (-:

The L4Linux project may be a bridge toward L4Erlang, but who _really_ 
wants this sooooo badly and can make time to scratch this itch?


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