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Peter-Henry Mander erlang@REDACTED
Tue Sep 23 17:30:28 CEST 2003

Hi Carlos,

Short answer: Yes, and RFC 3525 standard (although I haven't used 
_every_ feature in megaco, so I'm not qualified to say so :-)

Long answer: We used the OTP Megaco stack for acceptance tests here, and 
while I created the tests I did find one problem using topologyRequest, 
and another due to the ABNF having a comment which should really have 
been part of the ABNF grammar, but that was all.

When we conducted the acceptance test, no issues were raised against OTP 
Megaco, and the test revealed numerous protocol issues with the third 
party stack implementation, delivered to us by a reputable protocol 
stack implementor for our internal use.

So I confidently believe that the rest of OTP Megaco stack is very 
solidly compliant to the standard. The issues raised against OTP Megaco 
were quickly resolved by the OTP Team at Ericsson.

I also am confident that any interoperability issues will be due to 
third-party stacks being non-compliant to the standard.

Why are we not using Erlang/OTP Megaco for our product? The reason is 
entirely political, and not based on the superior technical merits of 
the Erlang/OTP Megaco stack.

There is only one person in the company (me) who uses Erlang. Having 
produced a working prototype of the product mostly using Erlang whereas 
all the rest are still struggling to debug C++ code and still have not 
matched the performance of the prototype has caused some hurt pride. I'm 
not a better programmer, I'm just using a better tool :-)


Carlos Rodríguez Alcalá Villagra wrote:
> Would the Erlang's Megaco Implementation work with other Megaco 
> implementations? How standard is it?

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