new syntax - a provocation

Tue Sep 23 07:03:07 CEST 2003

Along the lines of provocation, this suggests another thought:

The one single source, as far as I can tell, of nonlinear algorithms in
Erlang, is an inability to directly address list elements (as per array
subscripts, or similar).

I like lists.  In fact, I love lists.  But it seems to me that the current
approach was rather one of using a pure linked list (or double linked list)
for internal representation.  (This is an educated guesstimate, and I invite

I'd also be inclined to vote for cleaner syntax; many things such as 
comprehensions are nice, I suppose, but offer no fundamental improvement
in expressivity (since one could write the actual function out in any

This is every bit as provocative as Vlad's email, if not more so ;)

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