MEGACO commnads structures 2

Peter-Henry Mander erlang@REDACTED
Tue Sep 16 17:33:01 CEST 2003

Hi Carlos,

I can see that you're going through the same process of discovery as I 
did. You need to get hold of the ABNF or ASN.1 grammar of Megaco, 
because a lot of answers will come directly from there. For example, ou 
need to use atoms to distinguish various 'CommandRequest' from each 
other. An add request is represented as:

make_add_command(Params,TermId) ->
       command = {addReq,make_ammReq(Params,TermId)}}.

note the addReq atom, that's what you need to supply, and you will find 
all the other names in the Megaco grammar specification.

Sorry, but I must go now, I'll fill in more details tomorrow.

Bon courage!


Carlos Rodríguez Alcalá Villagra wrote:
> Hi there,
> I have seen that the structures used for the MEGACO commands are defined 
> inside the archive "megaco.hrl"(and megaco_message_v1.hrl) . But, I 
> could not find all the structures related to the MEGACO commands. The 
> ones I found are SubtractRequest, NotifyRequest and ServiceChangeRequest.
> Where are the others? I guess that probably they are all there but I 
> couldn't find it because (maybe) they have a different name.(exampple 
> AmmRequest may be == Addcommand???)
> Is there any documentation about these structures and the usage of the 
> commands?
> Any help is welcome,
> Farewell,
>                Carlos R. A.
> Another aswer: Is there any documentation about megaco_session ?? i'cant 
> install

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