[Erlyaws-list] Performance testing

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Tue Sep 16 13:31:01 CEST 2003

Leon Smith <lps@REDACTED> writes:

> Change your uri to:
>   --uri=/hellowww.html
> Now, I am not extremely well versed on the URI standard, but my
> understanding is that your uri isn't technically legit.   Browsers
> always send an absolute uri to a webserver.  This is something we
> should handle more gracefully so as not to pollute error logs.  We are
> working on improving URL handling.   We are aware of this issue but I
> was under the impression this had been fixed.  :-)
> So this does bring up a question for the list... how should Yaws
> respond to such a uri?   Assuming my understanding of the standard is
> correct, I'm inclined to not pollute the standard and return a 403.

My .02 on this obscure case:

My reading of rfc2396 is that it's a relative URI with no base (5.1.4)
so result is application dependent. Normally a web server doesn't see
these because it's impossible to specify a server and a relative path
in a URI. Web browsers tend to take the reasonable approach of
fetching hellowww.html from cwd on local filesystem.

The --server argument on httperf gets the relative URI to the web
server in this case. Result is application dependent (so we can do
whatever we want), but you could argue in favor of compatibility with
other servers on this point and assume a base of /.

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