Build problem with R9C-0

Zoltan Peter Toth Zoltan.Toth@REDACTED
Mon Sep 15 08:25:14 CEST 2003


Can anybody advise me what's wrong with my build:
(it's Debian Linux, gcc 3.0 [but 2.95 does the same]. I attached my config.cache.)

=== Entering application hipe
make[3]: Entering directory `.../otp_src_R9C-0/lib/hipe/rtl'
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_rtl.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_rtl_cfg.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_rtl_cse.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_rtl_ebb.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_rtl_liveness.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_rtl_prop.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_icode2rtl.erl
erlc -W  -bbeam  +debug_info  -o../ebin hipe_tagscheme.erl
.../otp_src_R9C-0/lib/hipe/rtl/hipe_tagscheme.erl:695: undefined macro ''P_OFF_HEAP_OVERHEAD''
.../otp_src_R9C-0/lib/hipe/rtl/hipe_tagscheme.erl:37: function finalize_bin/4 undefined
(The latter error is a consequence of the former, as it wants to export the erroneous function.)

And really, the string P_OFF_HEAP_OVERHEAD was not found in the whole source tree
with a recursive egrep.
Of course, hipe does not work.
Thanks for any advice.
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